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Join programmes which are consistent with their gender identity, and the Kansas State Board of Education has determined to blow off the Obama administration’s directive to permit transgenders to use facilities, including restrooms.

The Kansas State Board of Education believes that each child is entitled into a high quality instruction given within a safe, inclusive and encouraging school system, the board said in a statement.

It said schools in Kansas  happen to be addressing transgender pupil needs with sensitivity and success for a long time. Just as every child is unique, so also is every school community. With that understanding, we’re strong in our belief that choices about the care, security and well being of all pupils are best made by the local school district according to the demands and desires of the pupils, parents and communities they serve, the board said.

The board said the directive in the Departments of Education and Justice about the coverage of transgender pupils removes the local management needed to efficiently address this sensitive problem.

We must continue to supply our schools the flexibility needed to assist their pupils, families and communities to efficiently address the needs of the pupils they serve, it included. The board voted 10-0 to embrace its official position on the issue.

The letter also requests public school authorities to let transgender pupils to join sports and single-sex courses according to their gender identity.