Our Company is known as Mhulme for the education field. It was established in 1998 at Bangi, Selangor. Our Company is providing education system for the pre-school children and disabled children as well. The Inspiration of providing this education system for these children started from our staffs who are interested to help the needy people in surrounding environment. They want to care the human being who really need motivation to continue surviving in this world.

In our company, there are a lot of volunteer of youngster who are participating in our company to join hand together to accomplish the mission in a long term as well.








We are committed to provide good education to the pre-school children and disabled children. Our company is providing  a fun learning environment that leads these children to successful careers through educational experiences. The pre-school children and disabled children should have an ordinary lifestyles so that they can lived as everyone as well. These education system will give a better future to the children.



Our education system company is not only providing the knowledge of studies, we are also teaching these children on how to take responsibility to keep continue doing the charity to the another children so that the children become a role model to the others as well and these children should be grown up in a positive thinking way so that they are being confident in facing the problem n their life as well.